Unlimited spending by corporations and billionaires is undermining our American democracy

In January 2010, five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United that that corporations have the First Amendment right to spend unlimited amount of money promoting or attacking candidates in local, state and federal elections.

This reckless, radical decision rolls back a century of political tradition and more than 60 years of legal precedent prohibiting direct corporate involvement in elections. The First Amendment was never intended to let non-human corporations spend unlimited cash to influence our elections.

To make matters worse, most of this new spending will be hidden from the public. Corporate front groups- with phony innocent sounding names- are already flooding the airways with cynical, dishonest ads supporting industry-friendly candidates and savagely attacking anyone who dares to stand up to them. And we, actual citizens, may never know who is funding these ads.

Corporations are not people. They don't breathe, they don't live, they don't vote. And they have no right to overwhelm our elections with corporate money. Move to Amend, a national organization endorsed by over 400 local organizations, with 124 local affiliates, including Spokane Moves to Amend the Constitution, is pursuing several legislative responses and a constitutional amendment to reclaim the First Amendment for its original purpose.

Join us. Take back your power.

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